Колко грама тежат различните хранителни продукти

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Колко грама тежат различните хранителни продукти

Замисляли ли сте се колко са тежки ябълката и бананът от рецептите и колко грама е една филийка хляб?

Преди седмица ние от kulinarno.bg ви информирахме какво означават мерните единици „чаена чаша“, „чаена лъжичка“ и „супена лъжица“ и по колко грама или милилитра се събира в тях от даден продукт. (Още информация – вижте ТУК). Днес ще се опитаме да внесем още малко яснота относно какъв е грамажа на различни хранителни и готварски продукти, приети за константни чрез броя си, а не според тежестта.

  • Едно яйце – Средното яйце тежи 60 грама, като белтъкът е 35 грама, а жълтъкът – 20 грама.
  • Една филийка хляб – 30 грама, ако е нарязан на машина. Става въпрос за бял тостерен.
  • Едно пакетче бакпулвер – 8 грама.
  • Една скилидка чесън – 3 грама
  • Едно зърно черен пипер – 0,1 грам
  • Щипка сол/пипер (млян) – 1 грам (важи за голяма част от подправките в прахообразно състояние)
  • Едно кубче жива мая (като сила на действие се равнява приблизително на два пакета суха мая) – 40 грама
  • Една ябълка – В зависимост от сорта са между 60 и 120 грама, като за средна стойност се приема 85 грама.
  • Един бадем/лешник – 4 грама
  • Една супена лъжица вода – 10 милитра
  • Една пръчица канела – 20 грама
  • Една средна глава стар лук – 50 грама
  • Една връзка магданоз/копър – средно 120 грама
  • Един морков – 100 грама
  • Сокът от един лимон – 25 милилитра
  • Сокът от един портокал – 50 милилитра
  • Един банан – 130 грама

По тези мерни единици лесно можете да се ориентирате колко калории от даден продукт приемате, като имате предвид каква е калорийната му стойност за 100 грама.




Колко е една щипка сол или чаена чаша брашно

Какво означават мерните единици, с които "говори" кулинарията? виж още »


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And addicted to porn Was 12 when I watched my first gang bang scene, Says 24 years old Neelam Tailor. Was pretty amazed. you\'ve heard of, You go from reviewing romantic films as a kid, Where consumers are in love, And sex is all nice and sanitised, To experiencing She trails off with a small shrug. concerned with the ages of 11 and 16, Neelam watched porn most days. She go up to her childhood bedroom KT Tunstall posters photos of friends tacked to the wall, Books and revision notes strewn and incapacitated close the door and spend from 10 minutes to an hour scrolling through porn sites. Don think mom and dad ever knew, states. She effectively got over that initial shock. consider porn desensitises you. I definitely got to a point where I wasn shocked by much, Really and then you see more violent things and the other stuff becomes just normal. relating to Neelam, It started with a simple affinity for sex. Think I just saw it in films and want to know more. Maybe I had a high sexual libido, Or I was just hitting puberty, I don do understand, But I started interested in mainstream films that had a lot of sex in them. She soon managed to graduate, despite the fact that, Onto more explicit articles. Seek out porn that the woman is submissive, it\'s possible that coerced, Maybe even imitating she was forced into the act. Or I request for older men and younger girls. I don determine why, But at such a young age, really like 13, I don believe I had really developed my own sexual needs and wants I feel like they were massively influenced by what I saw. Started watching porn from the age of 13 or 14; around twice a week, if not more. It just felt like I was attractive a need. I remember how fast I got desensitised to it 10 men and one woman, Orgies that had been basically a writhing mass of bodies, Women being slapped or else humiliated and I was accessing all this before I had even had sex. i still watch it, Though not as much, But I do think that after using it regularly over 10 years, I now find it difficult to orgasm without some higher level of stimulation, Like a vibe. or more porn. inside 2016, Angela Gregory, A psychosexual therapist working with the NHS, Told the BBC that easy to access porn had led to an in the numbers of men being referred for treatment of ed. An enlightening charity analysis suggested that, While porn accounted for around 2 to 5% of impotence cases in the early 2000s when broadband was just taking off in the UK it is now blamed for around 30% of cases. And it not relating to bodily function: Researchers in the US claimed that men who were exposed to porn at a young age were about to agree with statements that asserted male dominance, like \"Things will be better when men are in charge, to a degree, It relates to neuroscience. the woman, while they aroused, Produce high levels of oxytocin in brain as priligy. That the brain chemistry of nurture and human working relationship. as opposed to, Men produce high numbers of vasopressin, Which is the brain chemistry of patience and focus. This is one of the reasons a man might go on the web and stay on there for hours and hours: They become so focused that something around them ceases to exist. When I began researching this, I expected to find less information about the impact of porn on women, Because on average fewer women watch porn as shown by the user data of a well known porn site but I didn expect to find close to nothing. I happy (whitened, Cisgender and extended) and yet, I couldn find any research that reflected my lived experience so was I alone? I started by on the lookout for others like me, Who consumed well-liked porn, To decide if it had had any effect on them. In majority of folks of 1,000 18 to 25 year olds, engaged in for BBC Three, 47% of women have watched porn in the last month and 14% of the women surveyed felt that at some point soon, They might have been addicted to porn. while, for the last months and weeks, Expert after expert kept giving me that response: a lot of women just don use porn compulsively. Or if they did, It doesn affect them considerably and yet, The women that I spoke to were telling various story. Neelam stopped noticing porn when she was 16, Precisely simply because of the physical impact it was having. Got my first boyfriend and realised that I commonly couldn get aroused by actual sex. I think porn is a fully unnatural level of stimulation, notably if you got 10 tabs open what human partner can replicate that? Noticing the physical disparity when I was watching porn vs when I was having actual sex I got really fearful. experienced like, I going to need to go to the toilet and watch porn before I have sex just so that I get properly aroused? She stopped watching in the future. Don think I could say I was because I just stopped and never wanted to start again. the best lesbia trustworthyn, And I think I knew I was consumed by women from about the age of eight or nine, But it wasn until I truth saw a lesbian scene that I was like, yep, Confirmed It actually made me feel better I was 12 and start to feel horny, And to see that you might express your sexuality with another woman was great. I think on that basis, Porn can be a positive because if you never witnessed anyone asiame.com like you, Or anyone who into the amount into, perhaps you can feel isolated. Been curing people for 20 years, And have never locate woman who has said that she has a with porn, She tells me. are a few of studies one only included 48 people and showed absolutely no difference in women arousal. another, Of 200 women in the middle East, Showed no discrepancy in price in coital frequency, But there appeared to be an effect on their libido and arousal, Which they identified as a of sex She claims that, from your area she works in, She seen an increase of people with STIs in their eyes, And characteristics the rise to porn. prohibited, We very nearly saw that, And that because of shots (Where a man ejaculate\'s on a woman face), she says. She pragmatic about what deficiency of clinical literature might mean. attractive that we seeing this increased referral sexual issues] In men and not in females. yet, They all confronted with porn from an early age. Lesbian pornography well known sites] is defined as a straight male fantasy of what two women having sex should look like. And it fetishises people like me. I even go as far as praoclaiming that, For gay a lot of women, Porn has made us the mark of hate. Men have gotten decisive in bars, Asking to watch me and my lover make out. Even other women straight women treat you like you some research for them, Instead of one person with feelings and desires of your own. Do feel I was protected somewhat from the more negative brain impact, Because I just didn like to look out the hardcore hetero stuff. My female friends who are straight wax every bit of hair on themselves, And I think they wish to perform in a certain way moaning and pleasing their partner, It and not as mutual. I didn internalise the message that there only one way to be a woman. It was 1994 and the online market place was still in its infancy. Developed scoliosis and had to wear a back brace to high school, She states. Was bullied and felt isolated, And used pornography and self pleasure as a way to escape and feel good. Don know at which it came from, But there are some things that spring to mind. I went to an all girls Catholic school and sex was treated as a thing that occurs between a man and a woman who love each other for one reason alone: Procreation. It didn have anything to do with homosexuality or bisexuality and I was always bisexual. Not seeing my story mirrored there made me feel bad. So that was always the story that I held in my head as the way to have sexual interest. \"also, Just being a woman women often don talk about what turns them on purely because may be called a slut or some other terrible word. And it in that approach to feeling ashamed about our desires that I think we develop compulsive habits. Was something I turned into when I was stressed or worried. But it really pulled me away from other suggestions. I started to isolate myself a lot, feel below par about myself, I thought there was something wrong with me. I developed inwards. She produces: \"Usually gang bangs were a sure bet to moving away from, But not at this point. I kept looking on, Clicking through endless free galleries of flesh, Waiting to be contented. Finally I found it. One that gave me that body pain, heart beating faster, Sweat inducing rush of charm. It was an old clip, Late but it was immaculate. just above 500 men. Houston 500 stars the buxom golden-haired Houston, launched Kimberly Halsom, Taking on a reportedly 620 men in an uninterrupted frenzy hosted by Ron Jeremy I got off once, it follows that twice, Then three cases, And saved it later. But after I put my machine away, I felt different things than the usual post orgasm glow. I felt tired. guilty. Too informed, Impacted me in a lot of ways, Erica informs me. Made me attracted to certain sorts of sexual scenarios that I may possibly not have otherwise considered. Like being treated roughly in bed, Being talked to in a undermining way. I also watched lots of scenes where the men were a lot over the age of the women, And so I came to expect and desire cut-throat behaviour from men. It also made me think about type body I should have. I became obsessed with removing all of my body hair because that what I saw on the watch\'s screen. Through seeing how women of colour were dealt with in porn, I started internalising the concept I something people are a fetish, Rather than everyone woman. I also wanted the power dynamics I witness like, After so many years paying attention older guys and younger girls, pictures was 17, 18, 19, I started actively endeavouring to date older guys. I don know whether that a coincidence. I cannot know which came first whether I had some innate tastes, Or perhaps the porn created them. their was younger, I had this idea that when it came to sex, I should be completely passive that sex was something which should be done to me. Was that passivity ever present, Or did I determine it from porn? In a 2010 analysis of greater than 300 porn scenes, 88% were found consist of physical aggression, With the study explaining that almost all perpetrators were male, rear doors female, And the latter most common step to aggression was to show pleasure or respond neutrally. many other, Similar research reports have been inconclusive about the effect aggressive porn has on men some found the link between porn consumption and violence to be minor. But there is even less details about how it might affect women. chance, I think schools need to more proactive in educating children about sex, tells me Neelam. Think sex and porn is still treated as a taboo in schools but it either the schools educate them or porn does. And I don feel that anyone, principally a young girl, Should manage to get thier sexual education from porn. As Dr Birchard tells: Anyone who uses it by doing so, Compulsively, It not about sex. It about anaesthetising a tough manage state. it really is anxiety, injury, hopelessness. it would be loneliness. Whether it a male or a female, If the function of the sexual behaviour is obsessive, Then it about bust. As part of the so called ban users are going to input official document data (Like a passport sum), Or buy a PortesCard by a newsagent, To prove what their ages are. nevertheless,having said that, as yet, There no word about when the initiative will be rolled out. As a DCMS representative told BBC Three: \"This is a world leading step forward to protect our children from adult content, Which is currently far too easy to access online. government entities, and also the BBFC (British Board of Film distinction) for that regulator, Have taken the time to get this right and we will announce a graduation date shortly, nothing wrong with watching porn, reveals Erica. Like white or red wines, Some people can have a glass and leave it at that. Others need to drink your bottle. She went on to write a book about her experiences called moving away from, Which prompted women from around the world to email her. Think it the shame that we need to analyze. That what keeping women trapped in their own individual experience. I hadn get a hold of many stories like my own, Which is why my article went viral, Because lots of people weren talking about it. But once I put that story available on the market, I heard from many women spanning various ages, From a 14 year old girl in Singapore to a 45 year old woman in america alone midwest. And they were saying similar some things to the men, That they felt rampant; That they required to learn how to use this stuff rationally. It just showed me that there wasn so much that different between many people, The only improvement is that women weren talking about it. I done with it now. Still watches often times, But is highly selective about the content that she consumes. Don think I manifested in mainstream porn at all, So I request for smaller, Ethical suppliers they do exist or look for videos that are homemade by couples. It more possible which to me is more of a turn on. I wouldn ever cast objective viewpoint on anyone for what porn they watch, But I do think we should try and create some more rep content. I a white able bodied lesbian and can find anyone in the general who looks or acts like me, I dread to trust how more marginalised groups feel. But spending so much time talking to so many women about their experiences of it has opened my eyes to the fact that we in desperate need of more diverse material showing variety of bodies and real intimacy. you\'re sure, fun, Life affirming porn generates sex seem less like an endurance event and more like fun. How hard could it be.
the particular news from Holyrood and Westminster Sunday Mail columnist John Niven says as an alleged socialist, He hasn\'t stopped for a moment have a look at how it was affecting those down and around the poverty line. Boris manley is \'unfit for office\', Says former Scots Tories leader DavidsonRuth DavidsonThe pm has been under mounting pressure in recent weeks over parties held in and around Downing Street during lockdown one of which he confirmed he attended. Indyref activists march over Glasgow in protest against Boris JohnsonConservative PartyConvened as an \"Emergency move, The activists say the PM is going because \"He partied when died, Deaths in Scots prisons are rising as figures confirm \'worst fears\' of familiesScottish Prison ServiceScottish prison deaths nowadays include the death of 21 year old Katie Allan at Polmont Young Offenders Institute in 2018, And the death of Allan Marshall in 2015 after he was controlled by prison officers during a struggle at Saughton Prison. SEPA leader resigns following \'conduct allegations\'EnvironmentSEPA said they were unable to comment further in \"Order defend anonymity\" Nicola Sturgeon reported over claims First Minister \'twisted\' covid dataCoronavirusThe SNP leader told MSPs this week that covid wax were \"20 per cent higher\" In England versus Scotland. Liz Truss declares \'100 per cent\' loyalty to Boris JohnsonConservative PartyThe Foreign Secretary who is seen as a potential replacement for the Prime Minister insisted \'there is no leadership contest\' as she sidestepped questions on whether she had ambitions. Jason Leitch admits he is sent \'extreme\' emails over covid limitsCoronavirusScotland\'s clinical director made the case for a gradual ending of remaining limitations to reassure Scots who were previously shielding. SNPScottish National PartyLanarkshire people in politics call for interlinked smoke alarm chnlove real or fake legislation to be haltedNew rules come into force requiring homeowners to fit interlinked smoke alarms from February 1 Holyrood resists calls for delays to fire alarm planLabour PartyPaisley based MSP Neil Bibby had been amongst those calling for pushback Pro autonomy activists march through Glasgow in protest against Boris JohnsonConservative Party organised as an \"Emergency move, The activists say the PM is going because \"He partied while other wemasters died.




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